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A テレビ会議システム is such a system that enables a conference which is performed among remotely found points and consists of big terminal gear which is shown while in the remotely positioned factors, in order to enable details this kind of as picture info and sound information and facts for superior communication from one remotely positioned factors to another, and also incorporates a controlling circuit that helps to enable the terminal gear to be disposed in on the list of remotely positioned points that has to be managed from another. Given that, the Tv conference equipment might be provided with each other with circuits, the expected preliminary expense such as cost for buying gear may be decreased readily and fixed assets management isn't necessary. Apart from this, additionally, it performs an operation- restricting circuit to quit execution of a predetermined operation with the terminal equipment that's handled by remote manage. A Tv conference technique, as well as Multipoint Manage Unit has to be connected together with the Television conference rooms by means of a communication network. This Multipoint Manage Unit consist a register for registering names of Tv conference rooms and groups; phone numbers and seats with the rooms and flags that indicate the room of a テレビ会議システム promoter. .

The room selected for participating within the Tv conference technique and the area that's not corresponding to calls in the multipoint management unit and also a management process need to be performed among the rooms by using registered matter within the register and images of the rooms. Accordingly, where, a Tv conference method incorporates an improvement offers an excellent operability to a participant who participates in the conference. In this Tv conference system, the discussed matter, information or data which has to become judged is received to be able to show it on the Television monitor. Inside the Tv conference process, an intermediate participation is accepted or denied by observing the picture on the Tv conference area by watching the Television keep track of. It can be also feasible to put into action a Television conference technique smoothly, considering the fact that setting and installation of Tv conference gear and routers are executed while circuits and adjustment are conducted simultaneously. A new Technology has created attainable to retrieve new remedies for Television conference process like multi point server to connect among various communication protocols. Overall, the Tv conference system helps to cut back travel time and bills for meeting that may be conducted in areas by sharing electric data.